Let's say your a Middle aged dad who daily drives a mint condition AP2 Honda S2000. Let's say you recently had a career change, which causes you to now go to the office later in the morning, and now every other day you get to drive your son and two other kids to school while fulfilling your duty in the neighborhood carpool.
Unfortunately, you can't use the wife's SUV, as she just so happened to also have a career change, and she just so happens to leave earlier now.

You sell the S2000 for $25k, and you still want something fun. What do you go for?

How does a twin turbo straight six wagon sound? Oh , you want three pedals? Well good thing this BMW 535xi has 3 pedals. It comes in at $24, 978, which is a little high but the rarity makes it worth it to me. Oh, and you can mod it to over 400HP in just a days work. Plus, it can sound like this:

Let's say is going to become a regular thing, I find it fun to see what all of you guys come up with