Let's say you're a big hotshot that closes deals and gets stuff done. You're the guy that gets sent to the FUCKING Catalina Wine mixer. You need a nice set of wheels to get you to and from the office. Something fast, something loud, something expensive! You just have to show off all the money you make don't ya?! No no no.....

Let's say you're an introvert. You can't stand all the stares you get driving your Porsche 997 GT3. You love how fun it is to drive and you love taking it to the track, but you feel so uncomfortable when everyone crowds around you at a gas station on your way home from work.

You sell the lightly used 911 GT3 for $110k. What do you buy next?

Me? I'd go for an E63 AMG Wagon. I'd search for a still new 2013 Model, because they look a little less aggressive than the new 2014's. It comes in at $99,645. A definite debadge is in it's future, as are tints to eliminate the fishbowl feeling. To most on the road, it's an E-class wagon with some nice wheels. To me, it's an understated sleeper that I can drive to the office Monday through Friday, a track on Saturday, and to a Car meet whenever I want to interact with some fellow gearheads.

What would you pick?