Email sent to my boss et al last night (I work in semiconductors):

As you know I’ve been cooped up getting over being sick then self quarantining since February 22nd . I’ve booked next week off and the initial thought was now that the weather is good, I’ll get out and work on my property.


Changed it up.. please keep in mind I have N95 masks and gloves stashed that I’ve kept for concrete work, cement board, tiling, etc.

I’m going to pick up my tools and give back. We’ll spread the word through Facebook (Tammy) and Nextdoor. For all the folks out there working through this virus, they may have some immediate problems that need to be addressed, combination of the construction industry shut down and no time/money to fix their home or car and need to keep working. I have not maintained my license/insurance/bond and don’t have time to do so, so my father-in-law who is a lawyer drafted an agreement that will avoid liability due to my work. No charge for the work.


I’ll be focused on the people that are out on the front lines and need help due to unforeseen issues in their home or vehicles. Medical, first responders, grocery workers, etc.. and as always single moms and vets. I need to limit the work to two hours or less to help the most people I can, my friend Johnny (mechanic, handyman) will be helping and I’ll pay him half his hourly rate. Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • Electrical & plumbing work, where families have issues that are severely impacting their lives
  • Appliance repair. Leaky dishwashers, washer & dryers that quit working, refrigerators that gave up the ghost
  • Fundamental structural repairs, high priority to handicapped residences
  • Car repairs. Brakes, coil packs & plugs, water & fuel pumps, alternators, belts, etc.. no engines out or transmission work


In the event the people in need can’t afford the materials required to get things right, I’ll cover it. Wish us luck!

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