Average mileage 2006 (so MDS, but none of the extra bullshit that breaks) with the typical driver’s seat bolster problem. In that it no longer has a bolster. Or leather there. But it’s a legit Overland, everything’s present if not fully intact, shockingly it has fairly good service records, even more shockingly they changed the differential fluid correctly, even MORE shockingly it received it’s 60k service. Buuuut, they had Aamco overhaul the transmission, and the past 4 years show no maintenance at all besides new tires. Sure, maybe they took it to an indy that didn’t report, but there’s no proof. And it’s lived it’s whole life in Ohio.

On the plus side, I do like the color. And it’s a 5.7 Overland. So it has most of the options I want including the tow package, navigation (yeah that’s going in the bin,) but somehow the Boston Acoustics is missing? And it may have the 14V438000 recall outstanding.