Tires are fixed, and I was dead on about the exhaust. That thing’s just about done, bar some shifter adjustments, which probably aren’t going to get done this year.

Grand National:

Well, it runs, we had to replace the brake caliper on the FR side before the cruise. It still needs bumper fillers (especially since I *may* have bumped it into the carport, destroying what was left of one, filling me with shame), a hood emblem, and the injectors cleaned. It also wasn’t shifting right when I drove it, as it wouldn’t upshift under WOT. Next year, I think/hope it gets the attention it needs.



Shocks are done, cooling system inspected. Radiator flows good, gauge seems to read high. Carb is on. Still needs a proportioning valve. Waiting on the shop to call so we can take it up there.


Mustang: Same as it was, AKA: Fine.

Kipper: Hoo boy, he’s gotten worse. Frame crack, even rustier bed, fucked up bumper......