Well hey there Oppo, long time no post. Anyway since I’m attempting to get back in the saddle for posting stuff on Oppositelock, let’s talk about another car commercial! In case you haven’t read my previous post about that one Fiat commercial with the blue pill, you should read it now. Anyway let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this:

Now yes I know this commercial has been on TV for a while, and yes I know 2015 is almost over but I’m gonna still talk about it dammit.


Now the first thing that makes this commercial terrible is the fact that this millennial™ does not realize the Buick her hip millennial™ friend is waiting for her in, is in fact right in front of her (indicated by the generously sized badge)

After a complete and total failure of perception, our hopeful millennial™ uses her best judgment to hop into a fourth generation Ford Taurus that some sick, burrito eating bastard has debadged in order to fool people looking for Buicks.


Now realizing her mistake and trying to find an escape route from this Taurus debadging maniac, our millennial™ sees her friend adjacent in and rushes to her. Now we learn that in fact that the car she was standing in front of was not driven by some old man holding on to the past, but another hip millennial™ who loves Buick (who is also shattering expectations).

Really though this is one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen, and if people think it’s hip and trendy to pay a $4000 markup on a Chevy Trax because it has the badge of a dying brand that offers a Polident dispenser in every car, then maybe my expectations have been shattered.

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