Let's Talk About F1 Engines and A Bigger, Heavier, Softer M3

Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Monday and Tuesday. It includes the evolution of the M3, Red Bull's options for 2015, getting lost in a Jaguar and Ford designer Chris Svensson.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Bigger, Heavier, Softer M3 - Neal Norman


The BMW M3. It's a car that we as enthusiasts all know and love. Most of us have coveted one at some point, in one of its many flavors; many, myself included, have been lucky enough to own. In every format, it's a gem of a car and each brings something unique to the table. Read more…

Let's talk about engines - FreddsterExprs

Or more specifically, the engine choices/possibilities Red Bull has for the future. You know how they say "Never change a winning team"? What happens if the team is not winning anymore? Dr. Marko described publicly the way things could go: if Renault screws up this championship, then they will start looking for alternatives. If this is serious, then I strongly suppose that the team leaders will already have carefully sounded out the possibilities they have. Because making an educated guess is fun (and something that I was drilled into for 8 years), I'll do the same. Read more…


Rally Fighter & Getting Lost In A Jaguar - Going Places - FORCORNERSTV


Sunrise on day two comes fast, but since we only had our little red supercharged cat for the rest of the morning, it's go time as early as possible. So we get up. Brush stuff. Pack our camera gear and batteries. Chew breakfast and head to the garage where a Jaguar F-Type was waiting for us. Before loading our camera gear (which somehow fit perfectly into the shallow, lumpy trunk) we take time to shoot the car in the early morning light. Read more…

Steno Pad: Outtakes From My Interview With Ford Designer Chris Svensson - Robert Sorokanich


A few weeks ago, I got to take a classic Mustang road trip with Moray Callum and Chris Svensson, Ford's top two designers. The trip generated a two-part story for Gizmodo but there was way more interview material than I could ever fit. Here are some of my favorite side conversations from Day 1, riding with Chris Svensson, straight from my notebook in unedited form. Read more…

Formula D Long Beach Pits In B&W - Bird


I've been playing around with film photography, and I'm in deep now. I've decided any pit environment in motorsports is the perfect place for B&W. All I want to do is shoot film, and come home and develop it now. Read more…

Running a car dealership - how hard can it be? - BaconSandwich is tasty

Far too often I hear horror stories of people receiving terrible service or being gouged by dealerships and/or car salespeople. This got me thinking: How hard can it be? Read more…


Some Highlights (and Lowlights) From The New York Auto Show - puppyknuckles


New Yorkers love going to the New York International Auto Show because it is more than just a reminder of what cars look like when they aren't covered in pigeon shit and parking tickets, it's also an opportunity to see and actually get inside some of the latest rides. Also, for some, it's the perfect place to steal random dashboard buttons and shift knobs. Dude, what are you going to do with that hazard button? I mean, what aren't I going to do with it! Read more…

Long Lost Hot Hatches - Smart ForFour Brabus - AJTaylor

Think of Smart and no doubt you imagine an odd little two seat city car that you kind of want to push over. Want you don't think of is a turbocharged 5 door hatch that will do 137mph and 0-60 in 6.9 seconds. Sound like the work of a completely different manufacturer? It pretty much was. Read more…


Exmark Lazer Z Lawn Mower, the Jalopnik Review - Leadbull


When I'm not sitting through college classes, I do maintenance work for my church. They recently moved me outside, which means I get to drive this thing. It's a lot better than the Toro push mower I use at home, that's for sure. I suggest everyone buy one of these. Even if you don't have a large yard, just go out to the country and, like, mow some stuff. Just for the experience. Read more…

How it Feels to Lose my Skoda - Jonny Edge

Isn't it funny how attached we drivers get to our cars? After just 5,000 miles of driving my vRS, I've formed a close friendship with her. It's sad that friendship is about to come to a premature conclusion. Read more…


E36 M-Cubed: ///Monday ///Market ///Madness - TheDailyTurismo


If you are a hipster douche-bag with some money in the bank, the car to get is the BMW E30 M3. But, what if your used trucker hat was actually once used by a trucker, your ironic t-shirt is ironic because you bought it from an Armenian thrift store and you don't realize it says douche-bag in Armenian on it, and those rips in your jeans are from wear/tear. If this is the case you might want to consider the E36 M3 because it offers the same blinker free driving experience at a fraction of the cost. Read more…

Brooklyn Stealership to Pay 100k for Deceptive Ads - Automatch Tom

Bay Ridge Nissan of Brooklyn NY has agreed to pay 100k in restitution to victims of deceptive advertising. After receiving numerous consumer complaints, the the Attorney General's office conducted an investigation and found that the dealership engaged in numerous illegal activities such as: falsely advertising deals for people who lost their cars in Hurricane Sandy, bogus ads on Craigslist, and lying about insurance policies. Read more…


Tesla Model S P85: First Impressions & Review - Zaman Bux


The internal combustion engine then, is it really old technology? Is it time to move on? Tesla seems to think so with its Model S. I set to find out and after a few talks with Tesla, they provided me with a lovely Tesla Model S P85, and my god, was I impressed. Read more and also check out the Volvo V40 R-Design Review.

New Trademarks Reveal Fresh Alphabet Soup For Scion - Blake Noble

If you're a youth-oriented sub-brand with lagging sales and a poorly aging line-up, painting your flagship sports car yellow as fuck can only do so much to revive interest in your products. Thankfully, some recent activity over at the US Patent and Trademark Office confirms current reports that help may be on the way for Scion. Read more…


Chasing Die-Cast Cars (April 19-April 26, 2014) - Jeff Simmons


Hola, fellow die-cast addicts! Last week saw the launch of our very own forum (hwep.kinja.com) and since then we have been overwhelmed with posts. We have had over 200 articles and nearly 75 posters. Not quite Oppo numbers yet, but I am shocked at how popular it has become, so quickly. We've even got a (less copyright infringing) new logo. Read more….

Seventies-Style Road Safety TV Show with Spanish Stunt Drivers - Baskingshark

In 1978, Spanish motoring journalist Paco Costas and French mercenary-turned-stunt driver Alain Petit teamed up for Spanish TV to make a series of shorts offering advice on how to avoid common driving errors. Common driving errors which cause really spectacular crashes. Read more…


Scouting For Projects - BenjaminLeBlanc


An assembly of rusty old parts and blotches of dark grease usually leaves people feeling disgusted. With an engaged mind and a little bit of creativity however, the hunk of junk can be turned into a rolling display of craftsmanship. Broken cars have been restored since the bane of their existence. In continuation of this age old pastime, cars can still be found, bought, and revived to their former glory. Read more…

The Best of the Rest


Ttyymmnn shared some photos of the Blue Angels. NoahthePorscheGuy caught a sliding 911. Craig-oesterling took photos at Greenville, SC. Motorsport Jedi attended Katie's C&C, as did philipilihp. ModerateSloth started his Factory Five Cobra build. Thedriver got an ST. Dukie took his daughter to Family Workship Day at the LeMay Museum and attended a C&C. Ramblin Rover attended an auto show. MontegoMan562 had an interesting ride in his Montego. Takuro Spirit went to a swap meet. LappingLuke shared some autocross videos. Brian, The Life of went flying with another Oppositelocker. AdrianW took a trip back to KS. B. Body Burnout went to the NYIAS. Coriolis slid his ST. Skif6996 shared some bits from a car show. RrpM3 bought a thing. Desu-San-Desu went to upstate SC C&C. Dale Franks cost Carmax $13,000, suckers. BeauM dyno'd his junk. BlythBros. sold a FWD car and bought another FWD car. MountainCommand bought a bike. ITA Hondaboy posted photos from Indycar at Barber. Louros worked on his NB. XJDano mended something. Jbh got some more automotive ink.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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