The article on the FP piqued my interest. Now, I’m not here to defend their actions or justify them in some way. I agree that the guy should have gotten tossed.

When I was autocrossing it was pretty easy to see the flags. People running at you waving their arms, relatively close proximity between flags and cars. In the video shown they flags mostly aren’t moving, they are just being held. I thinking, those would be pretty easy to miss when focusing on your line and the other cars.

The to two truck is hard to miss and passing someone near it is unacceptable.

But how do you increase the visibility of the flags? I’m heading to the track next Monday, this is particularly relevant. When you are on track, your brain is processing about a million things, entry speed, turn in, grip, other riders, marker points, lean, goes on. Corner flags seem to get lost for me if they aren’t moving. The video showed more than one flag just being held. Our eyes are geared toward spotting movement.


I’ve always tried to spot a flag halfway up the straight. If something is moving, slow down. This gives me enough time to recognize the course is okay on a relatively relaxing portion of the track, the straight. Get on the straight, check the corner, prep for the corner, brake/turn in. This breaks down is linked corners when there really isn’t much time to relax on the bike. I’m sliding side to side and trying my best to go quickly and not do something stupid. By the time you actually reach the corner, you should be looking past it/through it.

Does anyone have a tips for track days on processing more information quickly? Am I doing it right? Wrong? Autocrossing it became easier to process information the more I drove. I don’t track enough so it always feels like I’m learning and never getting out of the novice stage.


For your time.

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