Gas stations.

As car owners we go to these lots, but not all are created equally. Some are laid out better then others.

This is a bad lay out: When it gets busy it spills on to the road, and for cars with gas caps on different sides its impossible when its busy. All cars where I live have gas caps on the drivers side, but that later.

This is a good one: The way the pumps are laid out is perfect. Your gas cap in either side? No problem. You can pull in only.


Gas Caps.

Like mention previously most gas caps where I live are on the drivers side, mine is on the passenger side. You think that would not be a big deal, BUT IT IS. When gas station #1 is busy & need gas I cause too much of a commotion trying to get gas. I have to pull in the wrong way ruining the flow. At gas station #2 its great, I can pull in w/o causing a commotion. Sure is costs more then #1, but beats having and angry mob of driver sided gas cap wanting to kill me.

Saying all that, gas caps should be all mandated to put one side.