in particular the very expensive builds ($200k +).

They are the worst of serious auto-xers & lawn chair car enthusiasts combined. I’m happy to see the old cars been driven, but the owners of them. They talk about how they are not built like they where use too. They talk about how straight the body is, & how the panel gaps where smalll. “It’s how they came from the factory.” THEY CAME WITH PANEL GAPS YOU COULD FIT A GOD DAMN NEW BORN CHILD IN, & THE BODIES WHERE AS STRAIGHT AS THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. They will spend $300k, to put on the most cheap heavy wheels. YOU PUT ON 22" TORQUE THRUSTS, great choice boomer. Your 1969(nice) Camaro looks identical to other 3 Camaros that parked beside you at the local SCCA you have been attending for 30 years. You talk about how fast it is, but never have touched a track. Good job flexing that 500hp only to hit cones & never get out of 2rd gear old man. Not even all the grip & power can help your over inflated ego.