I recently purchased a Nismo radiator cap for my Nissan Cube. I bought it just for show. I’m a ricer, whatever, get over it. It’s rated 1.3kg/cm vs the Cubes oem 0.9kg/cm pressure rating. The box claims it’ll improve the cooling abilities but it really won’t unless I were on a race track doing some high performance driving, which I’m not. I bought this to look good. My father isn’t too pleased though because years ago, my sister had bought a higher pressure radiator cap for a Scion tC and shortly after, the radiator broke. He can’t remember exactly how though. I’ve been doing some research on whether or not an aftermarket radiator cap could really do some engine/cooling system damage. The general consensus thus far has been no. Some people even claim that this particular Nismo cap has fixed leaky OEM caps on various Nissan trucks. So Oppo, anyone care to weigh in? Higher pressure radiator caps likely to cause issues or just a bunch of pure applesauce?