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Let's talk about SRX

Things I don’t like:

-it doesn’t have that famous Cadillac butter steering like my DeVille did. The steering is actually kinda heavy in this.

-the drivers seat feels too high. I feel like the passenger seat goes lower, which is where I need the drivers seat to be


-dead pedal is tiny

Things I like:

-its got fins!!!!!! (Pictured)

-overall, the lighting in/on this car is BEAUTIFUL. From the faint glow underlining the wood trim on the dash and doors, to the illuminated “Cadillac” script on the door sils. From the light up fender vents to the fiber optic style tube tail lights, this car reminds me of a really tastefully lit yacht on the outside. Seriously I think it’s got some of the best accent lighting I’ve ever seen.


-the interior. Seriously, it’s underrated as fuck. the drivers view is beautiful and everything you touch is wrapped in leather. All the wood is real and it’s gorgeous.

-the 3.6L V6 GROWLS. Idk what Cadillac does, but they make all their corporate motors sound much better than they do in their downmarket counterparts.


That's it for tonight. Maybe I'll do a detailed review later this week.

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