Actually I don't know much about planes (how do they work, anyways?), so what we are going to talk about is how much the B2 Spirit cost. Gather round, folks, because this will probably interest you.

I have a ranking for the expensiveness of things, it goes something like this:

1. Cheap.

2. Not cheap.

3. Expensive.

4. Really Expensive.

5. Stupidly expensive.

6. I don't believe you.

7. Come on, really?

8. There cannot possibly be things that cost this much money.

9. lol wut.

10. B-2 Spirit


In 1997, the final cost for the B-2 Spirit was 2.1 billion dollars and adjusted to 2015, that's a hair over 3 billion dollars. Now, you are probably thinking, "Wow, the program cost 3 billion dollars?!" but no, each plane cost 3 billion dollars. Each. plane. cost. 3. billion. dollars.

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, cost 1.5 billion dollars. The Pentagon cost 1.33 billion in today's dollars. There are 30 countries on earth that have a yearly GDP that is less than the cost of one B-2 Spirit.

The B-2 Spirit weighs about 158,000 pounds. Today's gold price is about 1200/ ounce, meaning a pound of gold costs about 19000 dollars. 19000 x 158,000 = 3 billion. The B-2 Spirit literally costs its weight in pure gold. 158,000 pounds of pure 24 karat gold.

3 billion dollars in 100 dollar bills weighs about 66,138 pounds. In Oppo terms, that means you would need nine Dodge Ram 3500 diesel pickups filled to maximum payload with 100 dollar bills. That's how much one plane cost. We have 20 of these planes. (There were 21, but one crashed).



* The information in this post was briefly fact checked on Wikipedia and as such is 100% correct.