Doug, in typical humorous DeMuro fashion, brought up that females aren't really into cars. While some females may like cars, having a fancy car in and of itself is not going to make you more attractive to women. This got me thinking about how my wife feels about automobiles. Mrs. Automatch is not what I would call a "gear-head," through she is very tolerant of my obsession. It helps that my sickness brings in a few dollars and has paid for several vacations.

However, she does have an appreciation for quality automobiles. She will admire a 911 on the highway; she shares my affinity for sport-wagons (though not to the same degree) and on a recent trip to the Simeone Museum in Philly said the following, "You need to make more money so we can own a Ferrari." (she really likes the F430)


Sometimes, I am confused by what she likes. On our nightly walks around the neighborhood we pass several Nissan Armadas. On more than one occasion she has said, "If I didn't have to drive a minivan, I would get one of those….or a Honda Pilot." The Pilot I get; after all it does seem to be the default vehicle of choice for MAMs (mom's avoiding the minivan)...but the Armada? It is big, it's awkward, and it eats gas like a T-rex at an endless hot-wing buffet. Oh least she hates the Armada's ugly cousin.

Also, In a recent super-cool turn of events she alone, came up with the idea that we should decorate our son's bedroom with a vintage racing theme.


Gotta start 'em young you know…

What are some vehicles that your significant others dig or don't dig? Any surprises?


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