Let's talk about tool storage.

I have a deadline cob today, but I’ve decided Oppo and tool storage is more important.

After selling the house, my bank account looking like an aggressive puffer fish, and the missus complaining about my existing tool box, it is time for an upgrade. I have a small tool box that overfloweth with sockets and wrenches and all sorts of stuff. It is a puzzle to shut it. Plus I have a big plastic box for the bigger items that don’t fit, air tools, air sockets, big c-clamps, little c-clamps, levels, sander......

What is the Oppo hive knowledge on a rolling tool chest? Do you use one? Are they like boats implants where you should always go bigger because you’ll end up wanting too? Do you just use peg board? Am I wasting my money?


I’ve got my eye on these two and yes I’ve looked on CL. The selection is ....disappointing.


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