What car do you think was a wasted opportunity where something truly special could’ve been done?

Here’s my take, the BMW i8. Seen here in Forza 7 being tracked by yours truly.


As you can tell, the car doesn’t have the original rims, or tires, and it’s lowered. The thing about the i8 is that it was so focused on being efficient that it forgot the kind of people that shape attracts, it’s a supercar. If super car power was kept where it was in the late nineties.

Even if it’s not an objectively impractical car, specially for it’s segment and most of the people that buy these kinds of cars use them for the highway they care a lot about the numbers. So, I can understand why the 911 and the F-type are more common cars, you can get them with more power, and the 326ish HP in the BMW is nothing in this day and age.

All I know is that if BMW had given the i8 more grunt it would’ve been a different story altogether: Make the electric motors stronger, use the 4 cylinder engine instead of the 3 cylinder, something, anything!