My fiancé and I need a winter car. Shes got a Cooper S and I've got an E90 M3. Both of us managed to get through a crazy winter in the Philadelphia area with our cars, but she was then walking to work and I managed with the M3 on summer tires! Yes there were a few days when I had to catch a ride to work, and I did get stuck in a parking lot one time. Other than that I white knuckled slip slided into the office every day.

I am having a tough time figuring out what we should get, mainly because I don't want a winter car but we need it. My budget is 5k (no more than 6k) and I am leaning toward an XJ like the one above. My buddy is really pushing a Subaru and I know that it would probably be the most practical, but I don't want one. Don't get me wrong I have owned two (05 WRX and 04 STi) but since we both have normal cars and 70lb boxer I want an SUV.

I have had 3 ford explorers and believe it or not, they were good to me! Although the most recent one was on its third transmission. So they are in the mix as well.

What do you think? I know car people hate sharing their opinions, but please try to help me out;)