Lets Talk Acceleration Reactions

I must say that one of, if not, the biggest form of enjoyment I get from being a car enthusiast is when I can share my love and excitement with other people. When someone smiles, laughs or just gets entertained by something I do involving cars it brings me massive joy. That’s why I love acceleration reaction videos.

Let it be a Hellcat, a Tesla (I don’t like Tesla videos as much because of the lack of sound) or any form of fast car I can’t help but want to do the same with as many people as I can. In fact, one of the key things I want from my next car is the ability to thrust the backs of my passengers into the seats. My question is, at what point does the acceleration provoke a good reaction from the average person.

My guess is around 5 second and under 0-60. What do you think?

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