Oppo, something I see regularly and that I absolutely can not stand are left turn arrow waiters that sit at the light after it turns green, having started to zone off or stare at their phone for the 90 seconds or so for that light to go from red arrow back to green arrow. Did they find Narnia in their car’s footwell? Is finishing that text really justified in holding up the half dozen people behind them?

The net effect of people waiting at the left is that when that left arrow turns red the people three to four cars down who should have plenty of time to make it - don’t make the red. But they go anyway, cause why not? They’re in just as much as a hurry as everyone else, and the first person waited for what seems like a reading of the Gettysburg Address prior to leaving at the green. So two or three cars always hurry through what is CLEARLY red prior to the opposing traffic moving forward.

I find the entire sequence of events rather dangerous and emotionally grating. It only would take one person to go through a green light on the perpendicular end only to be surprised by some hurrying red arrow runner on the end of it. While I myself am not perfect at avoiding distractions, I try my damnedest to not let my flaws interfere with left turn traffic flow. I have only been honked once in the left turn lane in the last fifteen years or so. I also watch for opposing traffic prior to moving forward, so I totally understand the two second delay. I don’t get the 10-15 second delay.

I am also certain this is holding up traffic across the entire city and compounding an already exacerbated local traffic problem.

What do you hate?