When I mean "First car" I mean the first you purchased yourself, not a hand me down.

Many of you already are aware of my Project CV, I'm Just curious about what led others to pick the cars they did and the lessons learned.

For me I sorta repeated a mistake I made and bought something that sat for a good year, but I did put things I learned from my past two hand me downs into this one. My main reason was also my wanting a Cheap RWD passenger car, that was fun to drive, but also fit my needs.

I found this on Craigslist for under a grand and went to check it out, First thing I did was copy what the guy who bought my first car from me did and asked to turn it on, checked for leaks and odd noises.


She turned over like a champ, but obviously wasn't where she is today, but doable. I fell in love and negotiated a price. got dropped off at the DMV and drove her to work all within three hours.

This was where I found out the Wipers didn't rest, both Driver side window regulators were blown, an Idle.... problem...which I fixed the next week....(hole in the Tee Valve), CEL was on, needed brakes, blah blah blah blah.... Fixed all but the windows .


I almost lost hope in this Project, I looked at what was required of me to get her running, and nearly sold her a few times. I didn't though. I looked back at the List the Mechanic gave me above the Quoted $2500 to fix her and after calming down and not wanting to buy a Civic, I paid $400 for the parts I needed, $320 for new tires,$150 in tools, and the whole way I was enjoying it.


I'm still not done, I'm not even driving it right now, but she runs clean, my CEL went off, and I have 113K original non tampered Miles on a 22 year old truck car. This is what I think is what it means to be an Automobile Enthusiast, Learning a craft and honing it to make it yours.

I've also found my Niche, I love big American cars, Old Muscle. I honestly can't wait to buy a secondary car so I can put this to the side and fully restore it.


Your Turn Oppo.