Let's Talk Hit and Run accidents

Like Artoo, I was very sad at something I had to do tonight in Downtown Austin. While walking back to my car, I was passing Little Woodrows when I see a Lexus RCF and 911 Cab, which were sandwiching a big, beatup white pickup truck. At first I paid the truck no mind, as I was too busy checking out the RCF.

That was, until I heard a giant scarping noise and a horrified look on the elderly truck drivers face. He had backed it right into the 911, causing a giant scrape where the frunk meets the front bumper. He made eye contact with me, and then proceeded to get the fuck out of there. Luckily, I was able to grab his plate number, and gave that, plus my phone number to the bartender at the front, and left the info on the car itself.


Now, let’s talk about hit and run accidents, especially this sort of minor accident. Accidents happen, and you need to fess up when they do, especially if you have damaged something that is totally not yours. This makes you a better person, and hey, it’s only human. But if you run? Well guess what, you now are on the hook for whatever damage you have done, and a criminal. It’s against the law to leave the scene of an accident. And, especially if you do it in public, you will get caught. Cause good samaritans will grab your plate number, take a picture, or whatever. The age of smart phones has made this a lot easier.

So moral of the story? If you hit, don’t run. Especially if it’s something serious. And if you see it happen, take all the info you can on the runner. It’s part of being a good citizen.

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