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Let's talk Miata brakes

Impulse signed up for a track day in the Miata to force me to finish prepping it this weekend. I’m currently running OEM semi-metallic brakes/rotors that I replaced a couple months ago. They probably have ~1500 miles on them. Fluid is Motul RBF600.

Am I OK to track on these brakes or should I just spring for the Hawk HP+ (the only ones I can get before track day on Tuesday). If I stay with the OEM for this track day, I’ll order some GLoc pads for the next one.


Track is MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW. Pretty easy on brakes, only one heavy braking zone into Rattlesnake (turns 9-12).

UPDATE: gonna take the stock pads for now. I’d much rather get GLocs instead of Hawks anyways.

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