I may soon be in the market for a vehicle capable of hauling a wife, 3 kids, and all the stuff that goes along with them (including a stroller). This would mean 3 kids in car seats at the same time, which pretty much means going to a vehicle that has three rows of seats. I’m not super-well versed in the world of minivans and their kind, so I’m looking for some advice.

Ideally we’d be buying used, not new, but something not too old. Ideally something just down the depreciation curve so that it doesn’t hurt so much, but something that isn’t 10+ years old.

My unjustified opinions are below. Feel free to correct me, or let me know if my opinions are way off base.

Dodge Caravan - the typical minivan. Reasonably inexpensive, but also limited durability. There seems to be a lot of them just over the 200,000 km mark for sale, which maybe says something. Given that this is one of Chrysler’s bread and butter products, I’d assume they can’t screw it up too badly, but Chrysler’s build quality and reliability does have me concerned. I’d be hesitant to buy one with 200,000 km or more on it. Is this opinion unjustified?

Chrysler Town and Country - basically the same as the Caravan, but higher class. I’m guessing these have basically the same drive-train as their cheaper relatives?

Chrysler Pacifica - (the new one, not the old one) - hasn’t been out long enough for prices to drop to the point where I would consider it. :(

Dodge Journey - technically available with a 3rd row, but two major concerns: 1. how easily does the middle row allow access to the rear row? and 2. How’s the build quality?

Volkswagen Routan - basically like a Caravan, but with all the drawbacks of owning a Volkswagen. And no option for a diesel.

Honda Odyssey - one of the nicest minivans out there, but they also seem to be holding their resale value, which is unfortunate for me. The first-gen Odyssey also had traditional doors, not sliding doors, which could make getting kids in/out a bit more difficult. Second-gen ones seem to have had a lot of automatic transmission issues - bad enough to the point where there was a class action lawsuit over it. Newer ones seem nice, but as someone also pointed out here on Oppo earlier today, they may have funky tires and rims because of some silly run-flat system, which means more expensive tire replacements. That can be remedied, but it’s one more thing to be aware of.

Kia Sedona - the newest generation (2015 and newer?) actually looks pretty nice. I haven’t really heard much about them other than that. Because the newer generation hasn’t been out all that long, there doesn’t appear to be a ton of used ones around.

Mazda 5 -I’ve included it in the list, but I suspect there wouldn’t be enough room behind the last row of seats to stuff the kid’s stroller. Maybe I’m wrong. This was honestly going to be my first pick, until Mrs. BaconSandwich saw a picture of the interior and how little room there is behind the rear seats. Someone please tell me I’m wrong. :(

Toyota Sienna - traditional Toyota reliability. Resale values seem reasonably high, but at least they are somewhat common. Not sure if there’s any major common issues with them, but given it’s Toyota, I’d be a bit surprised if there was. My brother has had one, and he hasn’t had any major complaints. He was worried about transmission issues, but I think it ended up being a non-issue. I’d consider one.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid - In the higher trim level, it has two captains chairs in the middle and a bench in the rear, so it technically meets seating requirements. Also has the best fuel economy of anything with three rows of seats, but it would also depend hugely on how much room is behind the last row of seats. Also, swinging doors rather than sliding doors is a mark against it (at least as soon as the kids are old enough to start opening their own doors, which will be a little bit yet).

Ford Flex - Doesn’t seem as practical as an actual minivan, partially because of a lower roof and partially because it doesn’t have sliding doors. Available with a manual transmission, though. I suspect it wouldn’t work for us, unless it’s available with captain’s chairs in the middle row. (You can’t easily fold a bench seat when a kid’s car seat is strapped to it).

Ford Transit Connect - Not a lot of these around, at least ones with seats in the back (as opposed to the modern equivalent of the “free candy” windowless van). If I could find one that was used at a reasonable price, I’d consider it.

Telsa Model S or X - Model S has optional jump seats in the back, so it counts for seats. Both are way out of our price range. If I had a spare few hundred thousand lying around, it’d be my first pick. Unfortunately that’s not the case. :(

Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon -These seem huge. Roughly 70 cm (2+ feet) longer than a Honda Odyssey. The way they look is starting to grow on me, but man, it seems like it’d be driving a tank. Not sure how much Mrs. BaconSandwich would like that. In theory, I imagine that being a domestic, replacement parts would be cheaper. Not sure if that is really the case, though.

GMC Acadia -Similar in length to a minivan, but no sliding doors. Some of my relatives have one, but I haven’t been able to ask them about it. A lot of it would depend on if the middle row comes with two or three seats (two being better - easier access to the rear without having to remove car seats).

What other ones am I missing? Are my opinions way off the mark? How do you Opponauts haul your offspring around? I’m all ears.