What’s the least expensive TIG welder that either comes with a foot pedal? Alternatively, what’s the least expensive TIG welder and pedal combination?

I’ve seen a few multi-process machines (like the Tweco Fabricator 141i), which are around $600+ USD, but either they don’t take a foot pedal, or it’s an absurdly expesnive add-on. The least expensive brand name welder I’ve seen was a Hobart EZ Tig 165i, and they are closer to $2,000 CAD. It seems like there isn’t much in the way of DC TIG welders that take foot pedals between those price points. I think the only one I’ve seen between that range is the Eastwood TIG welder. It looks to be around $700 USD, and has a foot pedal.

Has anyone here seen any other TIG welders (DC or AC/DC) that have a foot pedal and aren’t too expensive?