OK this has no bearing on Snow, Snowpocolypse, or the fact that southerners turn into lunatics when 1 snowflake hits ground.

This is about the ever annoying "LEFT LANE ENDS MERGE RIGHT" sign.

Now, we've all been on the highway and run into this issue. In my opinion, when you see a lane ending sign, you need to get out of the lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how people know the lane is ending, see an opportunity to merge in....then KEEP GOING. Right until the lane ends. Then they get down there and you get 4 guys that don't want to let them in, people are yelling, horns are honking, and most importantly it's backing up traffic.

I just don't get it. MOVE OVER. I mean I understand if you're in a new area and you aren't used to it sometimes they'll sneak up on you. It happens. But I see everyday (traveling north to work, then south home) on the highway I275 in metro-Detroit, for you metro Detroit OPPO's, people do this. You can't tell me we've got a ton of tourists cutting through metro-Detroit in January at rush hour (morning and night).


So when you see a sign that says this (random GIS grab):

PLEASE MOVE OVER NOW. Not in 1/4 mile when you could get stuck. Not in .24 of a mile when "you still have .1 left and you're gonna use it!".


Now. As much as it KILLS US normal intelligent drivers- just let them the hell in. They are idiots and us blocking them onto the shoulder isn't going to teach them anything. It won't help the flow of traffic in the future and it'll hurt it in the moment. Just let the a-hole in. Yes he wins his victory, but he also doesn't go crazy and crash into the normal people's cars.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me? Just let them in?