Screencap taken from the Mighty Car Mods Canberra meet video

That’s right, the bastardized Silvia we all hate because it’s not a track ready factory built drift car, like the other Silvias are. Right? WRONG

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a convertible Silvia. At the end of the day, 20 year old Nissans aren’t the first word in stiffness or lightness or anything. They’re a good base for a drift car, and if you want that drift car to be topless I won’t stand in your way. And if you *gasp* want a Silvia as a nice, light, agile road car, you could do worse than a Varietta.

Enthusiasting done right in my opinion


And anyway, look at it. It’s pretty. It’s got a fat ass, but that adds presence. Or booty. It’s phat. Stancenation. I don’t know, there must be a buzzword that can make it sound cool. Patina? It has some of the long deck syndrome some folding hardons got, but not as bad as some, and leave it alone it was one of the first and wasn’t done in house.


It’s also rare and unusual. And that makes it a bit special. And given that America never got an S15 they’re all a bit special over there, this one more than most.