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Let's Talk Volvos!(Paging Volvo Knowledge)

Oppo Jesus Christ I think I’m having a crisis.

Back last fall I almost bought a Volvo 780 with a French V6 for 700 American moneys. Instead I bought a 1977 Honda Civic for 300 American moneys. I was very pleased.


The guy never wound up selling the car. He just pulled it around to the front of his shop and stuck the tempting for sale sign back in the window. I went over and talked to him and he said that he had it in the shop all winter. All it needs is some new brakes and a new battery, (yeah fucking right.) Anyways, the offer still stands at 700 American moneys.

Please tell me it’s a bad idea. Tell me that it’s not going to be as I dream it would be. I just can’t get this car out of my head. It’s so beautiful and Swedish and French and Italian. It’s slow and square and gets like 4 miles to the gallon probably. But it’s so amazingly awesome.


I dreamof driving this car up a narrow country club entrance road and emerging facing an enormous club house and a beautiful 18 hole course to my right. I’d take my clubs out of the back of my beautiful 780. Someone would come up to me and say “Wow that’s a beautiful car! What is it?” I’d rip off my sunglasses in a dramatic fashion and reply, “It’s a Volvo.”

Tell me in reality I would catch on fire on the way to the course and my door would fall off and I’d die.


Also tell me everything you know about the PRV V6. I can’t find much info on the interwebs about it. All I hear is they suck if you don’t maintain it, if you do they’re good. Sounds like a normal motor to me.

Please help

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