/ranton Dammit people, don’t click on weird looking email links!!!!!!!!! Just got off the phone with my dad. “Did you see the email from [redacted] yesterday? It looks like he found some good weight loss stuff.” Me - search through spam folder, there it is. Nothing about weight loss, just an email from my brother with no subject and a link. Fuck dad, why did you click on the damn link? Why would [redacted] send you that email? Think about it and realize he wouldn’t so it’s clearly a scam / drive by virus download / SCAM. Hopefully nothing got on his computer and he actually runs a full virus scan and maybe gets it checked at the computer store before he does anything that could compromise his online security. But seriously WHY WOULD YOU CLICK THE FUCKING LINK THAT IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUSLY NOT FROM YOUR SON AND CAN ONLY BE SOMETHING BAD TO PUT ON YOUR COMPUTER??????????????????? /rantoff

Online security isn’t that hard people. Don’t click on weird looking random links. If you get something from one of your acquaintances that looks weird it’s probably a scam from a spoof email address. Don’t click on anything that looks suspicious unless you verify it is legit from the person who sent it via an alternate means of communication. Use a password manager. They are easy to use and make you exponentially more difficult to crack than someone who uses the same password for everything and infinitely more difficult to crack than someone who’s password is “password”. Don’t send passwords through email. I can’t tell you how badly it pisses me off when someone sends a password protected file and the damn password is in the email. Can people actually be that fucking stupid? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.