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Letters to Hondabro

Okay it’s two years late get off my back guys JEEZ.


Hi PS9,

Sorry to hear about your untimely passing. I can assure your grieving family and the rest of Oppo that I, myself, am not a member nor a spy of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of KOREA NUMBER ONE.

Hi, Mini,

Hey that’s pretty cool. Perchance do you have any stories about a rogue scuba diver piloting an A10 Warthog to victory against South Korea?


Thanks for the potatoes bud.


Hi, Paul,

I have a low-hanging-fruit answer about Mustangs at Cars and Coffee. It involves a burlap sack of potatoes and about half an hour of your time.


5. BJ’s
4. Delfino’s Chicago Style Pizza
3. Burger King
2. Oh you said napkins
1. The cloth one


Hi, TFritsch,

Accords are not cool, and not good. I’m more of an electric bicycle dork.

Wish to send me more letters? Go ahead and write me at

thehondabro funhouse
123 Accord St.
Businessville, WA 98107

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