Letters to LA: Entitled Bentley driver

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Hey Bentley driver in the CVS parking lot. Yeah, you, the one in the blue Continental with the hood, roof and trunk wrapped “aluminum.” Fuck you. You’re an entitled prick who the roads would be better off without.


I can understand you going the wrong way in a looping parking lot. Whatever, people make mistakes.

I can’t understand you sending your fucking chrony out of the back seat of your car to block my car from moving forward and let you in to the path before me.


I also can’t understand you sending him to stand in a spot which a Nissan Versa driver was clearly waiting to take. Oh wait, that’s right. You drive a Bentley, so you must be more important and deserving of the spot than the Versa driver who had been patiently waiting for the car in the spot to move. Asshat.

I also can’t understand you cutting off that Audi Q5 to get across to the spot.

And even more, I can’t understand you taking a handicapped spot just to go to Urban Outfitters when you were unsuccessful at stealing the Versa’s spot (The woman driving got out of the car and yelled at his sidekick). With no placard, of course.


Fuck you. So much. You think that just because you drive a Continental (By the way, nice and creative way to drop $200k+ on a car that will depreciate like a rock. Never seen anyone else driving one), you are more deserving of a parking spot that someone has clearly been waiting for, and it gives you the right to change traffic laws in whatever way benefits you most. It doesn’t I hope you get your license revoked. I hope your car gets towed. I hope it gets stolen and parted out before you know it. I hope insurance refuses to pay out. I hope someone with a real handicap keys your car for being a douchenozzle. That is all.

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