Miata safety image. I was left a note on the door describing his crimes. Fucking wonderful.


How he’s not in jail—or more realistically dead—after being caught with a 7 year old girl by the father eludes me.

One of my neighbors is a Marine, and a single dad of two young girls. Awesome guy (taught me how to fly fish) but very protective. I babysit his kids occasionally, and the first 3 or 4 times I did that, he came back early apologizing, saying he wasn’t comfortable leaving his children with someone else yet. Wife was killed in a sexual assault a few years ago, so yeah. I’d be pretty damn protective too. Having a sexual predator who targets underage girls move in a few doors down... This is not going to end well

In lighter news, another one of my neighbors just bought a 350z in gold. His wife? Bought a 350z in white. Nice

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