A few people here have been bitching recently about the trials and tribulations of house hunting. Well, me too. But after a year of hunting, 3 near misses, and a freaking nightmare dealing with the vendor of the latest place, we finally got across the line!

In a month’s time we move from an apartment in the city to 10 acres with a 90 year old fixer-up house, in the country an hour out from downtown. The house has been a grand old lady in the past, and she will be again, but jeez there’s going to be some work between here and there.

Still, the reward is the opportunity to go toy shopping immediately (we’re going to need a longhaul -commute capable DD, a 4x4 farm hack, and a bunch of motorised implements), and the availability, once the house is done, of 5 bays worth of garage/project space.

Plus the property comes with a (rusty as hell, but working) bulldozer, and it’s hard to complain about that!