So there I was. Dropping my brother off at the UPS store. I pulled up to the store and let him out. Then I drove around the parking lot pointing myself the way out of the shopping center stoping at a stop sign right next to a late model Lexus.

Just as background information, I'm not wearing a shirt. The car is a 49 year old Dodge Dart with a discolored fender and black steel wheels. I'm also blasting some song by Green Day on a bluetooth speaker. My brother just so happened to be wearing a Czechoslovakian military helmet (only $20 on Amazon). Back to the story.

My brother comes running out of the store and he jumps into the car Luke Duke style and we begin to peel out. Then a guy gets out of the Lexus. He's a skinny man with a buzz cut and some sunglasses I think every Lacrosse player/ bro wears. He also has a name tag thing. He yells something at us so we stop peeling out and back up to see what he wants. We had to turn down the music so we could hear him. He was really angry and asked if we touched his car. Verbatim my brother said "No sir, we did not. Didn't even open our doors". Then he told us to fuck off and I told him to have a nice day. Then he yelled at us and said he had a picture of our plates.

Jokes on him. We have antique plates. Haven't had a car on them since 1965. And we have an old New Jersey plate on the front, also not registered to anything.

EDIT: Looked it up and NC plate DE-8616 is a current NC weighted plate on a 1997 F250 Superduty

And we didn't actually do anything to his car.