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Lexus Gave the Land Cruiser the D

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I had no idea that Lexus even exists in that many markets outside the US and Canada but it turns out that they are in India, Australia and New Zealand among other markets and guess what? You need a diesel there, so they have one.

Instead of the 5.7L Naturally aspirated 3UR-FE gasoline V8 engine you get it with the excellent 4.5 liter twin turbo 1VD-FTV diesel V8. 268 hp doesn’t sound like a lot, but 480 lbs-ft from 1600-2600 rpm makes it work in a vehicle this big.


This engine has been in the 200 series as an Australia exclusive for a while now but I guess its being expanded. Too bad it wont make it here, 21 mpg makes driving something like this almost seem practical.

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