Lexus LC500: A Swing and a... Miss?

Look at that. Those wide hips, that elegant roofline, the smoothly creased and crisp sheetmetal. The OH MY GOD


What’s wrong with your faaaaaaaace?!?!

Actually, believe it or not, the usual Lexus insanity up front isn’t the biggest problem. I like the eye-of-Horus headlights and even the predatormouth grille doesn’t bother me here. From most angles it’s an incredibly elegant vehicle...

...until you look at it in profile. Everything is just... awkward. The cabin is located a bit too far forward, the rear overhang is just a bit too long, and the entire area in front of the A-pillar needs reworked. And the wheels are ugly.


On the plus side the interior is beautiful.


And it looks even better in blue.

So I don’t really know. It’s a really frustrating design for me. All in all it’s a gorgeous car but the few negatives are really big negatives.

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