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Lexus LC500 Competitors by the Numbers

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Everybody loves the era of early 1990s Japanese sports cars. If you’re like me you sit around waiting for the second coming of said cars. We’ve got the GTR, we (maybe will) have the NSX, and now we’ve got the LC500, which looks suspiciously like a Supra. Now I know there’s supposed to be some sort of BMW/Supra bla bla, but that rumor has gone cold, the LC500 is hot hot hot. Lets see where it fits in the world of $100k sports cars and grand tourers.


Porsche 911 - $84,000 350hp 3042lb
Mercedes SL400 - $85,050 329hp 3836lb
BMW 650i - $88,700 445hp 4275lb
Porsche 911 S - $98,900 400hp 3075lb
Lexus LC500 - $99,000? 467hp ????lb
Nissan GTR - $101,770 545hp 3851lb
Jaguar F Type R - $103,600 550hp 3815lb
Mercedes SL500 - $108,050 449hp 4001lb
BMW M6 - $113,400 560hp 4250lb

Price-wise the LC make a compelling alternative to boring 911s, SL, and 6 Series. Performance-wise the F Type and GTR (which is nearly 10 years old now!) will probably crush it.


The base version of the AMG GT would line up nicely with the LC500, it makes roughly the same amount of power (470hp). For whatever reason Mercedes hasn’t gotten around to selling a “non-S” version of the AMG GT in the US. Judging by the UK pricing, the base version of AMG GT is about 88% of the S version putting it at roughly $113,000.

The Aston Martin Vantage and Maserati Gran Turismo could both be considered competitors, but they both cost quite a bit more - $121k for the Aston and $130 for the Maserati.


The Viper and the Z06 are also sporty cars for under $100k, but cost way less and both have a way better power/weight ratio.

If I remember correctly there’s supposed to be a 600hp version of the LC500, probably with the use of hybrid assistance. This car would probably stack up performance-wise with the GTR, NSX, 911 Turbo, and R8.


Finally if a new Supra does show up, I have a hard time believing it would out perform this Lexus. Leading me to think a new Supra would align more with the Nissan Z/pony car bracket.

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