The brake lights make a stylized “L” that matches the “Nike Swooshes” up front.

Since the Lexus RC came out those real-life cartoon “whoosh” marks have always rattled my birdcage. Especially because the RC F doesn’t have anything at all in that panel.


Now there is a little bit of “F” badging to the rear wooshies, that’s a preeeetty looooong design stretch.

Seriously though, this has been jiggling my jello for years now! Maybe they are aero bits? Match the tail light spoilers perhappenings? Lexus puts tail light spoilers on all the hot new cars!


One other thing that’s starting to foam my frap is that I cant readily tell when the trunk lid receives a “Lexus” badge on the driver side. Was it just lower trims for one model year, all model years? Do really want to “research” that one bit of information and keep it for the rest of my life?!!


*Probably. I’ll figure it out when I go to lunch.

Well as much as these things tumble dry my delicates I bet Lexus really had its smores pinched when dealers rioted against building a convertible instead of a 3-row RX. The entire point was for the RC to be competitive with the 4-Series Convertible (including the M4 ‘Vert) while replacing the IS C and continuing the Lexus convertible legacy that survived the SC430. For the record, I’m fine with the SC430 because Regina George had one in Mean Girls.


*Probably shouldn’t have put that on the record.

Still worked out fine however. The RC ended up with lukewarm reviews as a performance coupe for the BBW curious. It would have cleaned up as the convertible it was intended to be though. Oh well, no matter how much life jams your toaster there are other ways to have your cereal. Life is cold poptarts in the end so you might as well grab a juice box on the way out.

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