Since my 3 is broken, maybe I should get something more reliable.

It would be a gross over reaction to get a new car over something as simple as a bad coil. Well, it is cylinder #6, which means it’s a bitch to get to. On top of that, I’m having them fix two leaking gaskets. That means it’s perfect time to shop for a new car.

This IS-F should fit that reliability bit just fine. It’s the same year and color as ORLG’s IS-F.


More importantly, it has the same V8. It doesn’t give out the same sonorous shrill the S65B40 in the M3 does, but it is slightly more potent with 2 more hp.


Being a 2011, it comes with an LSD, which was not equipped to the first two model years. It also has an auto gear box, and while not as fun as a manual, it would make sitting in traffic less insufferable. Also thanks to the extra two speeds it gets a little better mileage than the M3.

The infotainment isn’t great, feels really outdated.


That doesn’t ruin the car, it’s livable just not preferable.

After spending 18 hours and over 1200 miles in it, I certainly want one. Wonder if I should make that want a reality.