Insurance guy just came by. $8k+ in damage. Car NADAs at $5400 so yeah she’s dead jim.

So now insurance pays my bank and the loan gets paid off. Doubt I’ll get much “extra” money to speak of, but my concern at this point is that once the insurance company pays the bank now the insurance company owns the car. If I want to keep it I’ll have to pay out of pocket to get it back which sucks. Hopefully I can afford that. The other option is if the bank is feeling charitable and lets me take the buyback amount out of what they get and just keep paying on the last little piece of my loan with the now-salvage title Lexus remaining as collateral. Luckily it’s a smallish local bank and this is my second auto loan with them so hopefully they’ll be willing to work with me.

The other issue is I’m not entirely sure my current insurance will insure a rebuilt title car at all so I’ll be needing to switch insurance carriers. So... yay.

Best outcome here is somehow they value the car high enough to pay off the bank and give me enough cash to buy it back. Then get new insurance with liability-only on the car and have cheaper insurance and no car payment then I can roll around in money in my underground bank vault like Scrooge McDuck in order to make myself feel better about my trashed car.