Lexus UX: There Was An Attempt ™

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This is a Lexus crossover so small, it could have been a hatchback. Yes, it’s smaller than the NX, and may or may not be a fancy version of Toyota’s Juke knock-off. But of course it’s suicide in America’s entry luxury market to call something a hatchback. So there’s acres of plastic cladding on what would have otherwise been a passable design. I guess it’s not fair to complain about something that all manufacturers are doing, as it’s clearly accomplishing the primary goal: selling.


Even with the F-sport model, you still get a little underpowered 4-banger, putting out as much power as a 2012 Scion tC. No opiton for say the 3.5 out of the GS350. And I guess you can’t even get the 2.0 turbo out of an NX200t. Why, Lexus? Why? There’s a hybrid model as well. Whatever. Fwd or Awd. And of course, CVT only. I know, I know. Why bother complaining when people who don’t buy these don’t care about the CVT, and certainly it’s made many strides over the last decade...

I’d like to see a rendering of this without the cladding. And then make it RWD with the detuned 3.5... the UX300. What’s that, you say? It will never sell? And since I don’t buy new I have no right to complain? True, true...

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