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LGR reviews a "Car Accessory product"......for a PC.....

LGR reviews the Thermaltake 5.25" Drive Bay Lighter/Cup Holder, which you would assume it would go on a car....but he argues it can’t:

To those saying “this is clearly meant for a car, not a PC!” Nope, this really was sold and marketed as a PC add-on every step of the way :)

Not only was it created by Thermaltake as a desktop computer add-on, as stated both on the packaging and the websites shown in the video, but standard vehicle head units are wider — typically 7⅛” across. You can ignore their badly-Photoshopped image of the Alfa Romeo 156 center console on the packaging, which they stretched to fit the Xray and a Thermaltake Hardcano 12.

Yes, the package says it’s for “car expansion accessories,” but that means things like the 12V DC adapters I showed in the video. English translation was not one of Thermaltake Taiwan’s strongest points and there are plenty of other awkward translations on the package, too.

Sure, you could probably install the Xray in a vehicle. But that is not what it’s designed for and I am not making up its intended purpose.


We got any car audio installers in the house?

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