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Lies and the 718

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Porsche markets the latest Boxster and Cayman as the 718 to mislead people into believing industry-standard engine down-sizing links the car to an old race car that also had 4 cylinders, so that they will spend more money.


The 718 is also available with 6 cylinders, turning a tenuous-at-best link into a downright lie.

In the same way that Tesla is chiefly a technology company, Porsche is chiefly a marketing company. One does not buy a Porsche, one is sold a Porsche.


Maybe they are great drivers’ cars and all, but I’d hesitate to give my money to such a company. I call this deception and marketing gone too far, it’s dubious and I don’t believe in it.

In the same way that spending big money on an Apple product leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Good products maybe, but there’s a voice in the back of my head screaming about how they’re deliberately creating their own over-priced lock-in ecosystem.

Maybe I’m over-sensitive to this sort of thing. Maybe it’s not that much worse than anyone else’s marketing if at all. But in a world that’s increasingly trying to steal your attention and sell you stuff you don’t want, I believe that we should be thinking about this stuff and lines should be drawn.

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