I had one of Mr Hertz’ Fiestas for a month.

This is what the trip computer said when I handed it back.

Illustration for article titled Lies and their telling

Fuel consumption averaged 5.8 l/100 km or 48.7 mpg (Imp) or 40.5 mpg (US). Reasonably good bearing in mind this included many short journeys.

But is it true? These devices notoriously tell fibs.

I got the car full, handed it back full and bought 61.2 l. I drove 982 km so a bit of arithmetic tells me I actually did 6.2 l/100 km (45.6 mpg Imp or 37.9 mpg US). Quite the difference then. So, trip computer speak with forked tongue. Who’d have thought?


In case you’re wondering, those 61.2 litres cost me €80. No cheap fuel here despite the price of crude falling dramatically.

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