lies that I drove over 2 hours for : tales of used car buying

i dont mind used cars, but I cant bear liars and deceptive tactics

I googled “garbage honda civic”

In my ongoing hunt for a rare thing, an acceptable mid 90s Honda, I’ve test driven quite a few now. None have been up to my desires, but none have been an outright lie like last night’s endeavour. Not only was it an hour away (yay, 2hr roadtrip) it was a complete waste of time.


The Lies:

- has it passed emissions with the current engine swap? yes
actually... engine went in 2 weeks ago, no test since

- does the a/c work? yes
to quote him when I was there in person “yes.. it works, but has no gas right now”

- do all the features work, power windows locks mirrors? yes
a summary: windows, eh, sorta. locks yes! mirrors... well they move (more sort of a shimmy when the buttons are pushed), but they can be moved to a position that doesn’t stare straight down at the road

- smoked in? never
MAYBE it wasn’t smoked in, BUT, I smelled so bad of car freshener spray that my wife was legit gagging when I got back to our car

Of course a quick test drive revealed

- illegally dark, like basically just black painted, windows
- an undimmable ricer gauge cluster
- paper towels somehow structural to keeping the headlights in
- random wires unplugged and hidden in the engine bay
- poorly installed stereo just rolling around the trunk
- unbelievable rattles bangs and crashes when driving
- constant massage of shaking when at idle

It LOOKED good though. And the wife approved of the look, so that’s one step forward. Off to test drive another local prospect tonight, and then my next choice is a roadtrip away to Wyoming.

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