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So Oppo, some of you may recall my posts about hating my job, though to be honest that may have been FB and not here, but everything is blending together and that is half the issue. The other half of the issue is my job sucks and I don’t like living on the Central Coast anymore. The only thing that could change that would be opening a business idea TFRITCH and I have, but we have neither the funds or the credit to accomplish that now. So I have two options and I can’t figure out which one I should choose.

Option 1: Easier, but less

My first option is to move back into my mother’s house and live there again. She really wants this and I am sure would help support my goals and living there if I needed. The plan there would be get a job, finish school, pay her rent etc. Basically what I am doing now, but 200 miles south and in Long Beach instead of SLO. The problem I have with this plan is I would have the same cost of living and probably still struggle to do school and work and pay all my bills just like I do now. I also can’t find a job I am qualified to do and make enough to support life itself. Or so it seems anyway. I also have this gut feeling of not wanting to go back to living there. I don’t want to be there deep down, but my brain tells me this is what I should do for easy of life. Living at home, a place I know, a place I can see old friends, and Mom even said I could put my project car in the garage to work on. So that is a definite plus... but I still don’t know

Option 2: Harder, but more


My other option is move to Denver. Why Denver you ask? Well my guy friend just moved back there (was from there originally) and he has been pestering me to visit and to move out there instead of home. So last weekend I took Monday off because I work a half day Saturdays and drove out there. 15 hours out there 30 hours there and 15 hours back. It was amazing. I have been to Colorado before but never Denver and it was amazing. Just thinking about living there puts a smile on my face. All the outdoors stuff I could do and being somewhere new and exciting would be so great! But then I think oh god I don’t know many people there, I don’t have the savings to get a place right off the bat (I know I could stay with friends at first), and I have to find a job. Though that last one I have to do moving to either place, but just a quick search on Google and I have found a bunch of cool things I could apply for and probably get. Though school may get a back seat at first, it will happen eventually. My gut and my heart want me to go to Denver, but my mind says that it is a stupid idea.

I just want to be able to be happy and I don’t know where I will be happier, but my gut says Denver. What should I do Oppo?

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