When the really really REALLY cute girl you’re taking out on a date sees your new car and goes “Oh my god I LOVE the color!” and then goes on to say she wants to see a car show with you and wants to be seen in your car, you know you made some good choices.

And when you’re on the rebound a bit and bought the car to get rid of some old memories, it’s extra validating and vindicating. Especially when, and this is a really shallow statement, I guess you could consider her a nice “upgrade” too. Not only is she a total sweetheart but she is absolutelydrop dead, neck snappingly gorgeous. Not to say that my ex was ugly or dumb or an axe murderer though. A liar, for sure, but perhaps it was more of a case of us being oil and water...Oh well, I’ve moved on in a yellow blur of turbo boost.


Raise a glass for the Banana Express! I’ve got a glass of rye and I’m feeling fine. How is the rest of oppo tonight?

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