Life comes at you fast

Buying a house, getting a dog, and planning to have kids sooner than you thought changes things.

Long story short, we weren’t planning on buying a house but stumbled upon a local one on a large plot of land in the middle of town about 3 months after buying the R8. Fast forward 6 months, we’re almost done renovating, we’ve got a 6 month old, 80lb, Bernese Mountain dog, and we’ve got a timetable on when to start trying to have kids. Suddenly the R8 doesn’t fit our life as well as it did earlier.


So I did what anyone in the market for a 600+hp vehicle that can comfortably and quickly transport two adults, a large dog, and some kids would do, I ordered an E63 Wagon. Looks like it’s going to be 4-5 months until delivery. 4-5 months of which the R8 would be spending most of its time under a cover in a garage, so it doesn’t make sense to pay insurance, personal property tax (Virginia assesses tax at 2% of assessed value of every car you own, every year. And in my county they only count the cars you own on Jan 1st, so getting rid of it by then will save $3500 alone). So it’s going away this week. God I’ll miss that V10 wail.

Thus I close the door on SLS’s, i8's, R8's, least for a couple decades. Time to move to more “practical”, “family” based motoring decisions. Thank god practical doesn’t mean boring.

Goodnight sweet prince.


Wagon antics to come.

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