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Life Goal Achieved: Literal Oppo

Some life goals should be big. Have a family, that was one of mine. Or small. Become a better skier than my father; that was one I had from a young age. I did achieve that, and now I’ve got to parlay it into stay in shape enough to keep up with MY kids.

But today I was able to achieve a goal of a different sort. I got some, ahem, Opposite Lock, in a (stolen) golf cart, in the snow.


I was at a work function on a college campus, and a colleague had use of a golf cart from catering. On my way out, I stuck literally any key-shaped object in the ignition, and took it for a spin. It was a long-wheelbase cart, set up for carrying food of course. It was empty. The rear end came around. I had to go full-oppo to bring it back. It was all so slow and controlled. Like sliding a kid in a plastic sled across ice. But silent, because of the fresh snow, and the electric drivetrain. It was glorious. I straightened it out, then swung the tail again bringing it back to where I found it. 

At which point, two other colleagues came out the door and were like, “What? Are you...? Oh you’ve gotta park it around the corner where he won’t find it right away.” So I did. Icing on the cake, really.


I highly recommend snow-nuts in a golf cart. Long wheelbase, if you can.

That is all.

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