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Vooodoo and Bella4C playing with the HEMIWagon around Watkins Glen.

If you don’t know Vooodoo, you wouldn’t understand.

There was a 4cyl, there was a 6cyl, there was an 8cyl, and there was a 10cyl. FCA FTW.


The noises were absolutely intoxicating. The cars were brutal. Probably between 1800-2000 horsepower between the four of us, depending on what Vooodoo and Bella4C are actually putting down.

Time stamp is 1 hour behind, but the GPS location doesn’t lie.

Looking for a way to get the speed and G sensor data to overlay on the video so I can at least post my last lap around the Glen.


The HEMIWagon feels pretty good on a racetrack.

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