Life Happenings

Most people don’t buy a car and a house within a week of each other but I’m not most people. Life stuff to follow so you might want to skip this one.

While in the midst of our house hunt my wife’s G37 got totaled so we needed to replace that. After much consideration and some heavy internet usage she settled on an EX35 with a little less than 50k miles on it mostly because the controls and dash are almost identical to the ones that were in her G37. When the search started I predicted an Infiniti or Lexus CUV would win. I know my wife.


On the house front we managed to pounce on one and beat another offer.

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That’s right a three-fucking-car garage! Not the hugest one in the world but I’ll take it. That meant putting our house on the market. We got two offers after two days, including one that wrote a letter on how they were living in one of their parents’ basement and she’s 7 months pregnant and how they could picture domestic bliss in the house, etc. etc. and their agent told our agent how they had missed out on 5 other houses. They were also the high offer so they got it. Mostly it was that last part. On to inspections and appraisals!

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